Experience the Convenience
of Our Online Academy

Your student is unique and so are his needs. So why not attend a unique online academy where teachers truly care about your student and his academic goals? At Alpha Omega Academy, your student and your family's schedule come first. We don't try to fit your student into an existing program–we make classes and instruction fit around you!

AOA's student-centered academics foster both individual potential and personal growth in areas not available in limited traditional classrooms. Here are top reasons we have thousands of students enroll in our convenient program!

Distance Learning at Our Online Academy

No more waiting for the bus. At AOA, your student can enjoy the convenience of online learning from the safety and comfort of home. In a home environment that encourages learning, your student can complete lessons at his own pace–while still having the support of qualified instruction just a click or call away. And you can do courses at anytime of the day and any day of the week.

What's more, at-home learning doesn't mean your student has to physically be in the living room either! At-home learning opens the possibility of learning anywhere–in the car, on a trip, at the beach, or visiting relatives on vacation.

One-on-one Teacher Help

In traditional schools, students are a part of a large class that all learn the same thing at the same time. At AOA, your student can learn anything at anytime. In other schools, your student has to wait to ask questions. At AOA, your child can ask questions on the phone, through an email, or in an online classroom. Our teachers focus one-on-one with students to ensure concepts are mastered and true learning takes place.

Plus, AOA teachers lessen the need for parents to complete busy paperwork and records. We help grade most material, do all lesson planning, and keep track of grade reports for you. This convenience allows you and your student to focus more on learning–and enjoying life.

Time to Develop Talents

Is your student blessed with talents? Sometimes a traditional school schedule can make it difficult to develop personal abilities. For example, a traditional student has to attend all classes at set times, no matter if he already knows lesson material or not. At AOA, your student can move through lessons at his own pace, making more time during the day to foster talents.

Many gifted and talented students attend AOA because of the convenience our schedule allows them. Athletes, musicians, and performers like child actors (Shhh, we can't say who!) need a convenient educational program to fit around performances, and they find their answer here at AOA. So if your student has high goals outside the classroom–grow his abilities with our convenient educational schedule.

Not only is AOA convenient, our program is also flexible with enrollment options, course formats, and starting & ending date.

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