Parent Support
at Our Online Academy

Help your Child Learn with One-on-one Teacher Support

Put hundreds of years of teaching experience behind you. The qualified faculty at Alpha Omega Academy knows the path to distance learning success is a team effort that includes parents. As a partner in educating your student, AOA offers you experienced teachers, advisors, and support staff who customize distance learning to meet the needs of your student.

With thousands of U.S. and international students enrolled in our online academy, AOA has a proven track record of quality teaching and academic standards. You, as the parent, will be the facilitator in your student's learning, monitoring lessons and keeping your student accountable. We stand beside you to ensure your goals are being met, help with instruction and grading, and provide daily academic support.

We're here to walk hand-in-hand with you through your academic journey. Keep reading to see the support services we offer parents.

Our Online Academy Provides

Your Own Educational Team

Teachers, counselors, and advisors are hand-selected for your student's needs. This team helps with correct placement and support, and by making sure every day is a joyful learning experience. With hundreds of hours of teaching experience, caring teachers are degreed in the specific subject areas they teach and offer qualified lessons that inspire your student to grow. Teachers and staff are regularly in contact via phone and email to ensure progress.

Teacher Guidance

Do you have a question? Are you not sure how to explain a concept? Contact your student's teachers via phone or email for help (during regular online academy hours). Our teachers provide academic support to help guide you to be confident and assured that your student is receiving the instruction and explanations he needs to succeed.

No Grading Headaches

The paperwork is done for you! Our staff takes the busyness out of at-home distance learning by recording progress and student grades, including tests, quizzes, daily work, and special projects.* Parents can access grades online or can contact the academy for a copy of student grades. High school transcripts are available upon transfer or graduation.

Worry-free Testing Options

If you're not sure what grade level your student needs to be at, simply sign up for placement testing upon enrollment and yearly academic progress testing (MAP®), which are included within tuition costs.

Help in Choosing Courses

If you're wondering which courses your student needs to take, worry no more! Our experienced team will assign you to a academic advisor who'll review your student's past educational background and recommend courses based on your course track options, whether you're working toward high school graduation or college preparation.

*Enrollment in electronic-based curricula offers academy-completed grading options. Enrollment in print-based curricula requires partial parent grading of daily work and quizzes.

Learn more about the academic services our online academy provides for students, too! If you have questions for us, sign up for a free consultation from a friendly educational specialist!