Learn from Qualified Teachers
at Our Online Academy

Online learning doesn't mean you're alone. At Alpha Omega Academy, our qualified, highly skilled teachers offer students a personalized, one-on-one learning experience. With live student support available daily, our online academy gives your student the assurance that an experienced instructor is always nearby via phone, email, or an online classroom.

Enjoy the peace of mind that behind our engaging, multimedia-rich online curriculum is a building full of teachers that are eager and willing to help with all your questions. Our faculty includes a director, assistant principals, a dean, graders, and of course, our outstanding teachers.

College-trained Instructors

At AOA, we ensure your student receives the best academic instruction. We believe in educational excellence starts with who's at the front of the class. That's why we only hire the best teachers. All teachers at AOA hold college or university degrees in education or the specific subject area they teach. In addition to four-year college teaching degrees, some teachers also hold graduate degrees or specific training in their particular fields.

Online Teaching Expertise

We're more than a traditional school fit into a computer screen. Our online academy helps learners explore the new learning possibilities that online learning provides. Dedicated teachers offer the perfect fusion of teaching and digital learning that creates a new, dynamic instructional environment. Utilizing modern technology, teachers explain lessons in a personal way and are flexible to changes in student abilities. In addition, teachers actively participate in professional development activities, ensuring they are always up-to-date with the latest in educational trends.

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Experienced History

When choosing teachers, AOA looks long and hard for truly experienced individuals who have already spent time in the classroom, whether online or brick-and-mortar. Our hiring goals for teachers are not only that they have completed teaching time, but that they also understand the needs of online distance learning instruction. We employ teachers familiar with technology and are experienced using it to communicate with students. When you add it all up, the teachers at AOA have over 700 combined years teaching experience, and that equals unparalleled excellence!

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