Student Support
at Our Online Academy

Help your Child Learn with One-on-one Teacher Support from Our Online Academy

Is your student being overlooked in traditional school? At Alpha Omega Academy, your student is a class of one. With hundreds of years of teaching experience, the faculty at AOA is dedicated to helping your student reach his individual academic potential. Our teachers love helping your student grow and learn every single day. Using our flexible yet structured program, your student will benefit from personalized, customized learning, coupled with outstanding teacher support.

As an online academy, we go above and beyond by offering rigorous academics and great support services to students. No matter if you live across the country or halfway around the world, your student will feel like he is in the same room with us. Enjoy an instant connection with teachers and stop waiting to ask a question. Our teachers offer stronger instructional techniques than a traditional school because we support learners one-on-one.

We're here to walk hand-in-hand with you through your academic journey. Keep reading to see the support services we offer students!

Student Support:

Immediate Teacher Access

Online classroom office hours let students communicate with their teachers at convenient times throughout the day. In online classrooms, students can message teachers over chat or ask direct questions. Teachers are available in all subject areas at select times. Students are given access information to online classrooms for their specific subjects after they enroll.

Learn from each other. Enrolled students in grades 7-12 are given access to a private, secure virtual student center where students can interact, make friends, talk to teachers, and discuss classes or their own topics. Students can add staff-monitored photos, blogs, or comments. In addition, you can find AOA student groups on Facebook and Twitter!

Access to Virtual Science Labs

Distance learning at our online academy doesn't mean giving up fun science experiments or spending a fortune on lab equipment. Available in biology and chemistry, virtual labs through AOA give students a simulated environment of real-life experiments, and there's no mess with virtually spilled chemicals!

Proof of Student Status

Get free student ID cards that let your distance learner enjoy the benefits of student discounts to favorite activities and events. Plus, he can show his credentials to family and friends and display school pride!

Teacher Guidance

Students can contact teachers via phone or email for help (during regular academy hours). Our teachers provide student support to help guide them so they are confident and assured they are mastering lesson content. Additional tutoring sessions are available upon request.

Hassle-free Submission for Print-based Curriculum

We make grading fast, even for our learners who use print-based curriculum. Students using LIFEPAC® curriculum can easily take and submit tests and upload projects via our free online application.

Learn more about the academic services our online academy provides for parents too! Do you want to know more? Sign up for a free consultation from a friendly educational specialist!