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Gone are the days of children carrying around wockets in their pockets. Most of today's generation has some sort of gadget in their pocket, fully equipped to access trendy apps and social media sites with just the tap of a finger.

How, in the ever-changing online world, are parents to evaluate the benefits and dangers of the technology their youngsters use? Though it's tricky, resources like, Plugged-In Parenting, and others can help.

Before letting your student connect with peers online, learn a little bit more about some of today's most popular apps and websites by conducting your own research and checking out our list of pros and cons below. ...

One of the perks of studying through Alpha Omega Academy is accreditation, which helps set students up for post-high school success.  Accreditation helps increase the recognition of AOA credits among other institutions, improves acknowledgement when applying for federal student aid or scholarships for college, and more.

In order to renew our accreditation with AdvancED, the organization requires that students and parents participate in a survey about their experience at Alpha Omega Academy. The survey presents families like yours with an opportunity to provide honest, constructive feedback about your time at AOA. ...

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With nearly 4,700 U.S. colleges to choose from, there's a lot to think about as you explore job options, select a career path, and apply for college acceptance. The recent launch of LinkedIn's University Finder, a tool that reveals correlations between degrees from specific colleges and employment with popular companies across the country, adds the professional networking site to the growing list of online resources that aim to provide tools for students like you, who are deciding where to go and what to study after graduation.

Though there are pros and cons to online resources like college ranking sites, they can be helpful when their strengths and weaknesses are taken into consideration. As you move toward graduation, check out three online resources to help you determine the direction of your future. ...

How soon is too soon to start discussing college with your distance learner? There's really no hard and fast rule, but the earlier you start, the better prepared she'll be to weigh the pros and cons of postsecondary options in her high school years. Here are a few tips for mixing the topic into conversation throughout your student's academic career. ...
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Families who send their students to Tennessee Virtual Academy may be looking for different educational options next spring.

According to The Jackson Sun, Education Commissioner Kevin Huffman has ordered the online public school to close at the end of the school year unless student test scores show dramatic growth. Huffman's order stems from Union County School District officials' neglect to inform parents of an agreement that would have prevented any new enrollments at the online academy this year.

If the school doesn't show improvements by the end of the 2014-2015 school year, 626 new students, as well as returning families, will be forced to seek alternate online options like Alpha Omega Academy next year....
See You at the Pole is a prayer rally where students meet at a school flagpole before school to lift up their friends, families, teachers, school, and nation to God. ...
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3 Ways to Make the Farmers' Market Educational

A great place to purchase fresh fruits and veggies, the local farmers' market is also home to several real world lessons for distance learners. Dig into learning on your next trip to the market with three tips to get your student involved in the outing. ...

As your student gets back into the swing of the school year, set him up for success with a study zone that's all his own. A simple, organized workspace intended solely for school work goes a long way in helping your distance learner focus and succeed. Check out four important things to consider as you design your student's study area. ...
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As summer draws to a close, our brains are overloaded with back-to-school banter. Oftentimes students get caught up in choosing the right courses, worrying about grades, and collecting the gadgets necessary to complete online schoolwork.

Let's take a step back and reexamine our priorities.

A refreshing blog article from 2013 titled Five Back-to-School Basics outlines a few keys to academic success that put Christ at the center of education. Though the message is geared toward students who attend a physical school, it applies to distance learners too. ...

As Independence Day approaches on July 4, discover four fun ways to help your student celebrate and learn about our nation's beginning, as well as the traditions associated with the holiday. ...
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