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Alpha Omega Academy Hosts Originality Factor Week

Alpha Omega Academy invites students to join in the celebration of academic originality during Originality Factor Week from February 24 to February 28. As part of the celebration, AOA encourages students to create and submit an original poem, poster, or video about the importance of academic originality to our Originality Factor Contest. Check out the video for details and official rules.

Create an original poem, poster, or video about academic originality. Your creation should outline why it's important to do your own schoolwork. Projects will be shared during the Originality Factor classroom. Videos must be no more than three minutes long. Upload the video to YouTube, and submit the link to Poems must be one page or less. Submit poems to Create a poster online or on paper and submit a picture or link to MyAOA Posters can also be submitted via mail to Alpha Omega Academy, c/o Jackie Harbach, 804 N. 2nd Ave. E, Rock Rapids, IA 51246. The contest is open to students in 7th-12th grade. Participation project credit will be given for the class of your choice. The due date for submissions is Wednesday, February 26. If you have questions, email, or call 800-682-7396 to speak with Robin Inlow or Jackie Harbach.
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for emailing it in what do you have to say with the email for a poster? just your full name and that's it?

Danielle P | Posted: 2.25.14 | Rating: 1

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