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AOA Student Carves Wood Project for Art Class

Jenna Sousa came to Alpha Omega Academy in August of 2011 so she could further her singing career by continuing her schooling at home. Jenna and her family chose AOA, and they are enjoying that she is able to study a great curriculum while still being able to do her music.

Alpha Omega Academy Stallions | Official School StoreBetween trips to further her musical talents, Jenna worked on a woodcarving for her art course. Jenna said it took her many hours of many days to finish the carving. At times it was a very relaxing project, and she hardly noticed how long she had been working on the carving. At other times, however, she would run into a particularly hard part of the wood block, and the carving was more difficult.

"Working with wood is so different from straight drawing because it is 3D," Jenna said. "You can hold it, and there is a different look at every angle."

Jenna chose to do a statue of a graduate because her cousin had recently graduated from high school, and she thought it would make a cool design for a school project.

"His school was red and white, which would have been my colors should I have graduated from my town, so I decided to paint the cap and gown red and white but use the features of my cousin, as well as his hair color and skin tone. I decided to make it comical and not realistic, so I made his face more of a caricature, which I love to draw."

Even though she stays busy by her music, Jenna still finds time for other extracurricular activities. She enjoys writing, drawing, playing basketball, and dancing. Jenna said she chose AOA because it has everything she and her family wanted.

"I wanted a school that could still teach me what I needed to graduate from high school with highest honors, so I can do well on my SATs and get into a great college," she said. "I love God and attended a Catholic school before being home schooled ,and I wanted to continue in a Christian based school. AOA has all of that."
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