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The Importance of Mascots

 Do you remember what your high school or college mascot was? Perhaps it was an eagle, a bulldog, or a warrior. I still remember both my high school and college mascots; I was a knight in high school and a defender in college. Did you notice that I said "I was" and not "the mascot was"? No, I was not the one dressed up in the costume dancing around at basketball games. I didn't even play on any of the sports teams. But I was a knight and then a defender because I was a part of that school. The mascot was the visual representation of this sense of belonging.

AOA TwitterMany people are under the impression that mascots can only be used for sports, but that is not true. Mascots are an important part of academic institutions as well. They give students, parents, teachers, and administration a sense of pride, loyalty, unity, and belonging, and these are feelings that will stick with us long after we have turned in our last language arts assignment or completed our final chemistry lab.

These senses that mascots can stir up in us go beyond just feelings.  Mascots create unity between generally diverse groups within the school. The bonds that are formed by this unity transcend normal social dividers. Instead of freshmen, seniors, yearbook club, athletes, or nerds, there is a common label of [insert mascot name here]! The pride that comes from this unity can motivate and inspire students to do their best, both in their academics and in their extra-curricular activities. This can also be an incentive for students to get involved and participate because of the awareness and recognition it brings.

The administration at Alpha Omega Academy has decided that is important for our parents, students, teachers, and alumni to have a mascot to be proud of and inspired by! Therefore, we are excited to announce that we will soon be adopting a mascot of our own! To do this, we need your help. Please fill out this short survey by next Friday, April 20, and share your ideas with us. In next month's AOA Today we will reveal the top two mascots and give you a chance to vote for your favorite!
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7 Comments on "The Importance of Mascots"

my idea for mascot Bulldogs

Taylor B | Posted: 4.13.12 | Rating: -1

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The Lion and the Lamb (both of the together, of course to represent Jesus)

Olivia S | Posted: 4.14.12 | Rating: 1

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I think the best representation of our school would be the "The White Horse" from Revelation 19:11-16, whose rider is called Faithful and True.

Constance H | Posted: 4.15.12 | Rating: 3

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I think a tiger would be a good mascot:). It strong and bold.

Even a cougar (mountain lion)

The White Hourse would be the best though I think:)

Linne D | Posted: 4.16.12 | Rating: 1

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Judy W | Posted: 4.16.12 | Rating: 0

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I think an eagle would be great.

Oluremi F | Posted: 4.21.12 | Rating: 0

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WOW! I thought of a WHITE HORSE too!!
That would be a great mascot because they are very strong, and beautiful.
Also, white is a sign of purity.

Adrielle S | Posted: 4.24.12 | Rating: 0

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