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10 Tips for Teaching Your Student Respect

Bullying is ugly. When a student stands by and let's another child be bullied, he is in fact condoning that behavior. Fear of becoming a fellow target or not knowing how to control the situation are several reasons students stay silent. (Warning signs of bullying to look for in your student.)

Disrespect is the heart of all bullying. Disrespect for a person's character, their beliefs or values, or their appearance is the fuel that drives peers to single others out. Bullying might be the most harmful social interaction there is, second only to war or taking someone's life. In fact, bullying leads to suicide in some cases.

Teaching (and modeling) respect as adults is the key to stopping bullying. As you do, so will they. Here are tips for teaching respect to your student.

1. Honor differences in people

2. Teach manners and politeness

3. Promote (and reward) positive character traits

4. Explain how mistreatment hurts others

5. Treat everyone equally well

6. Promote self-respect and self-confidence

7. Stay calm under pressure

8. Stand up for beliefs respectfully

9. Don't bad mouth or gossip

10. Stand up for bullying victims (adults or children)

Respect is recognizing the dignity of each human being. As the saying goes, showing rather than telling is the best way to teach respect. Don't expect "Do as I say, but not as I do" to work.

What's your best tip for teaching respect to a child?
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