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4 School Supplies to Buy during Cyber Monday

The weekend after Thanksgiving is known for pre-Christmas shopping chaos. Getting up at the crack of dawn to wait in line for that special deal is on the to-do list for many. While not all of us are so ambitious to fight the crowds for a good discount, there still are valuable savings to be had for your student if you're willing to look online or even in store (if you dare.)

Holiday sales are a great time of year to get deals on school supplies.

While not a traditional shopping category that comes to mind during Christmas shopping, school supplies in certain categories can be discounted dramatically and can offer you and your online student great bargains if you're savvy. (Check out coupon code websites like before you click "purchase" from an online store!)

Here are a few school supplies categories to consider buying during this year's holiday sales:



While most think TVs during Black Friday, laptops and tablets can also be a good buy. Make sure the laptop you're considering has the hardware your student needs! Often cheaper versions with less memory and processing are sold this time of year. Good deals on laptops can also be found in January when stores get new models and discount the previous year's stock.


Tablets are a great educational tool. These are cheaper than laptops or computers but also have less memory and less flexibility (think no keyboard). Screen sizes and quality vary so try a cheaper model first to see if it works for your student's needs. (FYI - digital textbooks and online lessons are becoming the new norm, so a tablet can be a good investment.)


Sure, most DVDs aren't educational. However, stores are eager to clear their inventory, so if you're willing to dig through them, DVDs can be gotten at extremely low prices. Consider documentaries, films from History or Science channels, or those from educational television like PBS. Before buying ask yourself if your student is likely to learn from it and would watch it multiple times.


General clothing

While bargains are available for back-to-school shoppers in August and September, another good time of year to get that extra pair of jeans or new tennis shoes can be during the holidays. While some retailers do coupon discounts, others do flat discounts so make sure you know what stores you're heading for so you're prepared.

Not to Get: Winter Apparel

As with all clothing, buying off season is cheapest. This means no great deals can be found on that parka, winter boots, or stocking cap you have in mind. Waiting until spring is the best bet if you want to save on winter items (so plan ahead now for next year.)

What time of year have you gotten the best school supply deal?
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