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4 Ways to Celebrate National Grandparents Day

Nanas, grannies, pop-pops, and grandpas, we all have them even if we call them different names. Grandparents are one of the most important structural elements of the family unit, second only to parents themselves. While going back two generations can help in understanding the past, your student can also learn much from grandparents in the areas of wisdom and knowledge.

Looking for ways to celebrate the love and influence of grandparents? Find ways to remember your child's grandparents this National Grandparents Day with these ideas:

1. Invite grandparents to class (or to your house if you have an online student)
2. Create a "Reasons Why I Love Grandpa/Grandma" list
3. Have your student interview a grandparent for a class project
4. Start a 3-generation tradition with your student and their grandparents

Taking advantage of sage grandparents' "been there, done that" moments of instruction are important for grandchildren as much as they were for parents (hopefully). Listening is a key skill of learners along with shaping advice into personal application. Grandparents can build both these habits in your student.

What's your favorite quality of your student's grandparents?
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