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How Online Learning Helps Student Athletes

Is your student a motocross racer? How about an ice skater, ballerina, equestrian, football player, or basketball star-to-be? Many K-12 students have amazing athletic talents and abilities.

Student athletes have varying schedules, as many parents know, involving many early morning workouts, late night practices, and changing competition times. Homework gets crammed in. Because there aren't enough hours in the day, these gifted students are forced to fit their talents into the time slots left available to them by traditional school. This strains the student athlete, the parents, and may even cause the student to leave his sport to keep up with his academics.


With online learning, student athletes don't have to choose between their talents and getting a complete education. Online schools offer the flexibility of having the student set his own class schedule, along with the pace of lessons. Instead of sitting for a set time period in class, a student can move at his own speed through the lesson, often completing it at a faster pace. This means the student athlete's school day is shortened, and more time is available to practice and compete in the sport of his choice. In addition, high school graduation can also be accelerated.

Online lessons and tests can also be flexibly moved around the student's schedule, and with online curriculum access students can do homework on the road with ease. A college scholarship is a large part of student athlete's goal. Online schools with accreditation and NCAA approved courses help ensure that credits earned are recognized by future colleges or universities. A growing trend for public and private schools shows more acceptance of allowing online and homeschooled students to participate in team sports.

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