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Six Website Resources for Women's History Month

"Those who don't know history are destined to repeat it." - Edmund Burke, Irish Statesman

March is Women's History Month. To help your student understand the role of women in history, it's necessary to study the status of genders within societies through time. In the last few centuries, women have gained many rights previously held only by men, including the right to vote, hold a profession, be educated in a higher academic institution, have equal right to property, and serve in the military.

To recognize the great strides women have made and remember the historic sacrifices that gave today's women the equality they now enjoy, here are a few website resources on the role of women in history: - Hosted by the Library of Congress, this informative site includes the history of Women's History Month, a list of links showcasing American women leaders in society, profile images of famous women, videos, audio clips, and resources for lessons. - The National Women's History Project offers an annual Women's History Month theme (the theme for 2012 is Women's Education - Women's Empowerment), a list of honorees, a checklist for parents, brochures, a handy resource center, and even a Women's History Month Quiz. - This website from the History Channel offers many resources, including articles of women in American history, historical events led by women, famous women leaders, videos, and image galleries. - Find a complete listing of historic properties significant to women's history in America. Travel itineraries are available by U.S. location for places listed in the National Register, the National Parks, and historic sites relating to famous American women. - The U.S. Census Bureau lists interesting facts and stats from about today's average American woman, including information on motherhood, income, voting, and employment. - Articles, photo galleries, and biographies from Queen Cleopatra to Melinda Gates celebrate the contributions of both international and American women in society.

Who is your favorite woman leader throughout history? Please share your answer in the comment field below.
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