A Passion for Teaching
Guiding the emerging learner in every child

Only qualified teachers, well-versed in their specific subjects, meet Alpha Omega Academy’s rigorous selection standards. Their specialized distance learning experience makes them uniquely qualified to support each student’s academic success while promoting a Christian worldview.

The academy is student-focused but is supervised every step of the way by a teacher qualified to instruct and facilitate learning for students in grades K-12. For every course and grade level, teachers grade assignments, answer questions, and guide students on their individual journey to academic success.

  • Proven teaching strategies
  • Mastery-based learning techniques
  • Solid backbone of support
  • Individualized learning approach
  • Print and computer-based curriculum options

At Alpha Omega Academy, our comprehensive, Christ-centered curriculum encourages student inquiry and idea discovery while upholding Christian values. Our teachers work with parents to find a perfect formula for teaching and reaching children, lighting the path to life after high school, and smoothing the way for college entrance and career transitions.

At Alpha Omega Academy, your child will receive a quality Christ-centered education on which to build a firm foundation for a successful future.