Consumer Math

Course Length

2 semesters

Available in

  • Ignitia
  • Switched-On Schoolhouse

This practical math elective trains students in mathematical applications used in everyday situations. Consumer math includes real-world examples and an emphasis on critical thinking skills to solve problems. Topics in the first semester of this course from our online academy include an overview of basic math skills, personal finance skills, statistics and home recordkeeping, taxes, insurance, and banking services.

Building financial literacy, this course from our online academy’s second semester includes topics such as credit cards and loan interest, purchasing items, discounts and markups, travel and transportation costs, vacation spending, retirement planning, and job related services. Encouraging solid financial habits, consumer math is essential for success in adulthood no matter students’ desired career paths. Each unit of the course contains quizzes and a test to evaluate progress and student mastery.

Additional Details

A scientific or graphing calculator is required for this course. Course information reflects Switched-On Consumer Math. Content differs slightly for LIFEPAC Consumer Math.

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Overview of Concepts

  • Basic Math Review
  • Personal Finance
  • Statistics
  • Taxes & Insurance
  • Banking Services & Investments
  • Banking & Credit Cards
  • Purchase & Sale of Goods
  • Leisure, Travel, & Retirement
  • Job-related Services
  • Consumer Math Review