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"Under Construction" when saving on the School Setup screen
400 Bad request when saving on the Setup page
Academic Help
Added assignment in wrong place
Can't get chart to display
Can't get past a lesson
Correct Answers Marked Wrong
Deleting a student
Determining If a Student is Completing Assigmnents
Enabling or disabling access to the Calculator/Periodic Table
Feedback button
Fill In the Blank Pop-Up
Getting garbage characters in projects
Globally Block and Unblock Quizzes and Tests
Grade Settings / Assignment Weighting
How do I access my lessons ahead of my lesson plan?
How do I Review for Quizzes and Tests?
How Projects are Displayed
How to activate or deactivate a user
How to Add Unit or Assignment
How to assign, skip, block or complete assignments
How to change the order of a Unit or Assignment
How to change to the Classic Theme from a MiSOS Theme
How to check Details for Unit or Subject
How to Clear an Assignment
How to clear an assignment
How to disable Student problem skipping
How to do Matching Problems
How to Edit a Subject
How to grade a project done on paper or not entered into SOS
How to Grade or Change a Grade
How to make a Super Teacher
How to move a student to a different class
How to reassign a problem
How to replay a Subject Intro Video
How to Rework a Problem
How to Skip a problem
How to Unassign a Subject, Unit or Assignment
Key Codes (Alt Codes) for Math symbols
No lessons can be opened but appear in Assigned Schoolwork
Open Book or Open Page not working
Open Page and Open Book
Open Page and Open Book
Original lesson plan report
Page is stuck or does nothing
Pressing Number Keys Gives !@#$%^&*(
Problem attempts penalty
Removing a Block on an assignment or Unblocking an assignment
Removing a word processor for projects
Sending Messages
Setting up WordPad for projects
Slow Performance and Disconnects
Status Column
Student working ahead is unable to access course activities from Home page
The HELP button
To reuse
True/False Problem Attempts
Videos won't play on server 2003
Viewing Blocked assignments in At-a-Glance
Vocabulary Lists
What does the asterisk (*) next to the grade for a student assignment mean?