Alpha Omega Academy

We took our son out (of public school) in his Junior year, and he is now doing his senior classes. We are so thankful to God for directing us to AOA. The curriculum is challenging but a much better standard to prepare them for college if they go that direction. AOA is very supportive.

Darlene N.

My oldest daughter was placed a grade level above where she was previously (in a private Christian school), and she is doing well. She can learn at her own pace, and that's what's important.

Dari J.

With AOA, everything is already organized for the day. There's no guesswork, and you don't have to wait for lessons. You know grades right away and where each student stands. The support of the teachers is essential. With seven children, I could never do it all by myself.

Dari J.

We cannot say enough good things about AOA! Our son started in 6th grade and continued through until his high school graduation. He is currently attending a university where he is majoring in Mechanical Engineering Technology. In our opinion, AOA is an excellent choice!

Nancy W.

My three kids have attended AOA for the past four years. It sure has improved one of my son's reading. They learn much more than the traditional school setting, and AOA has great curriculum. Not only is the education wonderful, the members of the academy are great and helpful.

Lourdes N.

This my first year at AOA, I started back in July after going to the same public school since Kindergarten. AOA really turned my life around. I get behind here and there but my grades stay at As and Bs after almost failing 9th and 10th grade. The lessons are really easy to follow and I have probably learned more in 2 weeks at AOA, than I have in my 2 years at the public high school. Its really worth the price and its the best thing that has happened to me.

Travis T.

My daughter started her Freshman year of HS in November with AOA. She had always went to the public HS. It has been a big change for her, but I honestly think she is learning much more than she was in the traditional school setting. The school is supportive, helpful, teachers are available/concerned.

Molle K.

Marie, my daughter has been attending AOA at home for three years and all I can say is, "GREAT!" The lessons are very easy to follow and the teachers are always there for her when she needs help.

Lisa W.

We loved Alpha Omega Academy and highly recommend it. Our son did his junior and senior year here, and he was involved in the community and could minister to people on his own schedule since he could flex his schoolwork around what was happening. A number of other mission families did this too, and they also felt it gave their kids a great chance to enjoy the country they lived in before leaving for college. It keeps the family together rather than the stresses that families face with boarding school. I am really thankful for AOA!

Kathy V.

Our children aren't just sitting in class anymore, staring at the ceiling waiting for a lesson they already know to be done. With AOA, they are out there applying the Word of God and aren't hindered by being in a brick-and-mortar school.

Dari J.

Thank you all at the Academy for all you did to enable Jeffrey to have this chance. As an autistic kid, the road has not been easy. He worked hard to achieve this. He is proud to have graduated from a normal school, not just a school for special needs kids. He stood and admired that diploma a long time. Again, our thanks to all who helped make this dream a reality.

Cheryl H. – Japan

Mr. Burns (AOA online teacher) is our saving grace! He is doing an excellent job of reaching my son in chemistry. If it wasn't for my son's teacher, we would not be able to do online learning!

Michele B.

I graduated from AOA in 2006! I loved it. I started AOA as a freshman. I've always loved computers so the format totally worked for me. I also loved the call in support. It really helped my mom out as well. I feel I got an excellent education and probably did way better than I would have in public school. I would recommend it to anyone! Another great thing about it is that it's accredited! I was able to got an actual diploma. My sisters had more of a struggle getting into college because they didn't have a diploma from an accredited school. They wanted them to take the GED. Love AOA!

Blaine S.

I am a student at AOA (High school) and it's great. I love the program. The teachers are so nice and helpful. The call in academic support is awesome. I do all online schooling, and I feel I am getting a great education. I love it more than going to public school. The way it's set up is easy to understand and get schoolwork done.

Anna N.

I think AOA is the best school I have ever attended. All the students are nice and caring. The teachers and staff at AOA are very caring too and they all have a goal to make all the students succeed in their goals. I've been at AOA for about 5 months and before I came to AOA I went to a school that used AOA's program called Ignitia. There is no word that can completely describe AOA's awesomeness! Thank you staff and faculty for everything you do to make my high school life awesome!

Kelsey S.

I would just like to say how much I appreciate this school. The teachers are very nice and helpful. The courses are the best and most fun ones I've ever taken. The children in this school are so loving and caring, even though many of us have not seen each other face to face! I thank AOA and God for this opportunity I have been given. I hope to graduate from this school and I know God is here doing great things!

James L.

My daughter went to public school for one semester of her freshman year. We realized it wasn't working for her and she is in the second semester of her sophomore year with AOA now. She is doing great.

Theresa N.

Let me tell you AOA is the best decision I made. The public school system is a joke in my opinion. It's overcrowded, ineffective, and so many of the kids have no values and have personalities that an immoral nation has raised. I recommend AOA 100%. It's never too late to enroll and the teachers and help phonelines are AMAZING. You have advisers that actually care about who you are and what you want to do as an adult profession and how you want your classes to be organized. It's a much, much better environment than public school.

Melanie W.

AOA is the B-E-S-T! Can't speak high enough of AOA. They are always there for us, helpful, kind, warm, funny - the program couldn't be easier to use. Run as fast as you can from public school. It does more harm than good. Do AOA, you will not regret it!

Ann B.

I was in public school for all years except my senior year. AOA was the best thing I did at the end.

Ashlee G.

With my singing career, I started traveling all the time. With the travel I missed a lot of my freshman year in public school. My sophomore year I enrolled into Alpha Omega Academy, and this is my third year going to AOA! The two traits that I enjoy most about AOA are how you can do school anywhere and that the teachers are so helpful!

Celeste K.

I have been with AOA for nearly a year. I wasn't learning very much at school. Also, I have dyslexia and a neuromuscular disorder with my eyes and the school system refused to consider these disabilities, so I could get the help I needed in learning. My parents thought AOA was the perfect solution, and it has been. I love AOA and all of my teachers, who have always had time to help me. With my AOA teachers, I feel I can learn anything!

Alexander B.

I think SOS is a great program! It is a time saver as far as assigning the daily work and auto grading.

Theresa T. – AL

Alpha Omega Academy provided me with an academic foundation that prepared me for college. It was easy to learn from their curriculum's multimedia format and balanced structure between content presentation and review. The online approach to learning also helped me strengthen my self-discipline, a trait that is serving me well in my college studies.

Aaron Kilgore – CO (National Merit Scholarship Finalist)

Alpha Omega Academy is a truly unique learning experience! What I like most about the Academy is that it allows me to work at my own pace. I use Switched-On Schoolhouse, which makes it easy to keep track of my grades. Almost instantly, I can see what grade I've received on a lesson, quiz, or test. That is very helpful because I can see whether I'm doing well or not, and if I need help, I can call my teachers. They explain everything very clearly and make sure that the material is understood.

Andrea Culley – MD

As a parent of a student at AOA, we are very pleased with the program. AOA has a challenging curriculum, but at the same time, my son is relaxed, and learning is much more fun to him.

Betty Weber – NM

I really enjoy Alpha Omega Academy because it enables me to play my cello in an orchestra that is two hours away from home. With my school on my laptop, it is so much easier to get my work done. In addition, I really appreciate that AOA gives me a curriculum that presents a Christian worldview and is honoring to the Lord.

Kate James – WY

This is my first year using Switched-On Schoolhouse at AOA, and it has been a great experience. All of the teachers are enthusiastic and kind, and I always get the help I need!

Zachary Parks – OR

I have only completed a semester with AOA, but it has been a pleasant experience in every way. I enjoy the flexibility of the online program so that I can work at my own pace. The curriculum is thorough but easy to understand, especially with the additional aids of video clips and review segments. The coursework web pages are very easy to navigate and help the student to be efficient. My favorite tool of AOA is the "Teacher Chat", giving me the ability to quickly get help from a teacher, rather than having to wait a few hours or even a day for a response via email. The staff and faculty have been most helpful, professional, and warm in my communication with them. However, the real value of AOA's program is that everything is taught in the light of Scripture.

Leah Griess – CO

I am a junior and I have been with the Alpha Omega programs since kindergarten (with Horizons Math, etc.)! When I got into high school, my parents put me into the academy online. Alpha Omega Academy is an accredited secondary school. They also have a chapter from the National Honor Society. If you are looking for great teachers, a flexible schedule, easy to understand yet advanced material, and a greater learning for your child, then AOA is it! I do most of my schoolwork on my own, and it has taught me wonderful time management skills and great study skills and has given me a greater sense of responsibility when it comes to my education. These traits have come in quite handy at work and at "play."

Julia S. – United States

This is our 21st year with AOA. We used AOA Switched-On for our son - 5th through high school - who is 27 now and our daughter 14 with the academy and now in 9th grade - from k to present. We thank our Father in heaven for AOA, which keeps getting better each year.

Michael Zingalie

I just want to take the time to say THANK YOU! I am praising the Lord daily for how things are going for us with Alpha Omega! The academy [is] working wonderfully for us. I am thoroughly enjoying my new role as helper and encourager instead of mistake-finder. The immediate feedback is something I've always thought should be inherent in homeschooling, but I was never able to make it work. Now, my kids are getting that! The flexibility of the scheduling in Switched-On Schoolhouse is incredible. And although I never really tested my children before, I can see that the quizzes and tests are motivating them to take their education more seriously. So even after a summer full of stress (and worry), with placement tests, the filing away of years of a much-loved literature-based curriculum, and applications for transfer credits, I am rejoicing now! It's been worth it all. Josiah, my oldest, high school junior, night-owl, dyslexic, procrastinating, computer-programmer, who still can't spell to save his life, is finishing his lessons in a timely fashion each day and not whining about his writing assignments. And from what I've seen, he's doing well! Our newly adopted 13-year-old son from Liberia is starting to take his schooling more seriously; seeking to understand, instead of just finish! Isaac, my organized, book-loving freshman appreciates the structure, finishes early and has time to read the books he wants to. And Abigail, who's been organized and diligent, but uninterested in understanding concepts, is taking notes and learning how to study! Thanks for your part--sharing, encouraging, explaining, reassuring. God is at work in our family. You watered and tended a seed someone else planted. God has grown it to a seedling, and I'm looking forward to watching it grow and produce fruit in our family!

Kim H.

Thanks Alpha Omega Academy for all the work that was done in getting my daughter Sierra ready for university! I can't believe that she almost tested out of some of her classes. Thank you for being there. Thanks to the staff that worked with her. It really paid off for us. Now my son is coming through the program, he is 7th grade right now, but as soon as he hits 9th grade, he will be there. Thanks again to the Alpha Omega Academy Staff.

Dee H.

Alpha Omega Academy phenomenally prepared me for college by providing challenging lessons and a Christian worldview. I wrote detailed essays early on in high school that covered every aspect of creative thinking and the research process which strongly helped me achieve good grades in college. The Christian worldview aspect prepared me for my freshman year in college, and I felt that I had a good foundation for my beliefs thanks to the integration of a Christian worldview in the curriculum. I would highly recommend the teachers of AOA. When I was having a difficult time with a problem or even a whole lesson, I would call up my teacher. She would talk me through my problem and stay on the line for however long I needed. Sometimes, I would even call into the Academy three times a day, yet the teachers were always very kind, helpful, and personable! I am truly thankful for the Academy, and I would suggest it to any homeschooler.

Isabelle F. – IA

I would like to thank all (at Alpha Omega Academy) for their quality and commitment to Christian education. I have been using AOA for seventeen years now, and I would do it all over again if replays in life were possible. Meghan will be the fourth student I have graduated using this program (AOA). My oldest, Ashton just graduated from Sul Ross State University with a major in History and a minor in English. She graduated Magna Cum Laude and was a member of many honor societies. She has been listed on the Dean's Honor List seven times throughout her college career. She plans on going to graduate school in the fall to pursue her Masters. She was taught with AOA curriculum since kindergarten and was a 2007 graduate. My son Kristofer currently works in our family business and is also a proud member of the U.S. Army where he is a Combat Engineer. He is a 2009 AOA graduate. Meghan, who just completed her last year in Alpha Omega Academy, will be pursuing college in the spring towards a degree in Social Work. As you can tell, I am very proud of my children and I know without a doubt that teaching my children using AOA's faith-based curriculum helped to shape and mold them into the fine young adults they are today. So again, thank you for enabling me to give them the best education possible. May God continue to bless your endeavors.

Tracy K.

Our son just graduated after being part of the Alpha Omega Academy (AOA) family for 7 years. We originally chose AOA because we wanted a sound Bible-based curriculum that would also prepare our son for college and "life after school." As we moved closer to junior high and high school years, we decided it was essential to have a structured set of courses. We used AOA's Switched-on-Schoolhouse (SOS) for 6th through 10th grades, a combination of SOS and LIFEPAC for 11th grade, and LIFEPAC only for 12th grade. The courses are appropriately challenging so that the extent and breadth of what is learned is of high quality. We found the curriculum to be so well rounded our son was well prepared for our annual standardized testing and for the SAT and ACT tests. We chose the college prep courses and our son was accepted into the college he really wanted to attend. A tremendous benefit with AOA is that they maintain all of the transcripts, and this was a VERY big plus for us for the high school years with college applications and our required state reporting. The AOA graduation ceremony was outstanding and we would not have closed out our season of home education any other way! We highly recommend AOA!

Nancy W. – VA

As a parent of a college-bound high school student, I am extremely pleased with the preparation that SOS is giving my daughter. She just got her PSAT scores back yesterday and she scored surprisingly high. I will acknowledge that she is a natural "test taker", but I also believe that her scores reflect what she has learned and the skills she has acquired in her last few years of school. SOS gets a lot of the credit!

Linda D. – IL

We are two weeks into the public school year and I am so thrilled to be blessed with AOA. My girls go to public school, but my son does AOA. I love being able to spend one-on-one time with him each morning, the fact that I am never getting "daily-report" emails or telephone calls from the school (he suffers from ADHD) and most of all, I am so proud of his grades. AOA is awesome and is a complete blessing to us.

Denise P.

I have been enrolled in AOA for two years, and I chose AOA because I thought it would be a great program for me. I enjoy everything about it, and it is an amazing school program. My favorite subject is science, although I love every subject. It is so fun to do school now. I do acting, so it makes it easy because you don't have to look through a bunch of pages in books. You're not doing busy work; you are really learning.

Bobbie Coyle – Academy Student

Alpha Omega Academy is the perfect fit for my son and me. He gets to study with Switched-On Schoolhouse, which is what he enjoys, and I get the benefits of administrative and teacher support. Plus, it's accredited, which will play an important role later when applying for college.

Lisa C. – TX

I just wanted to remain anonymous and let AOA know what a great job the staff has done with my child. We are truly blessed to have their help. AOA has proven itself time and again to be the best school we have attended. After trying several pricey private schools, believe me when I say, 'AOA is the best!'

Parent of AOA Student – PA

Through AOA my daughter gets a Bible-based education from an accredited academy. We now have the assurance of Christian studies supported by professional teachers. It's like a whole team is behind her encouraging her success.

Jerry G. – SD